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Our 2017 Annual Report

In this annual report, we see the ripple effect of good governance in the public and private sectors.

ISA 2017 annual report (cover)

2017 Chairman’s Message

ISA Chairman Francisco del Rosario, Jr

We started with a big vision for our beloved country. We fostered our mission to bring good governance in the spotlight. Together, we aspired to […]

2017 President’s Report

Ms. Marides Fernando, ISA President

2017 was like no other and calling it our banner year is an understatement. ISA encountered truly unique challenges, challenges that we faced head on. […]

See Previous Annual Reports

Our annual reports from the year 2009 up to 2016 are available for download.

2015 Annual Report [PDF]

In 2015, we launched the Islands of Good Governance (IGG) initiative, where

2014 Annual Report [PDF]

ISA defined the process of certification for the pilot run of the Islands of Good Governance (IGG) initiative in line with the Philippines’ hosting of APEC in 2015.

2013 Annual Report [PDF]

In 2013, ISA encouraged government institutions to commit to specific goals and enabled them to work toward these goals with laser-like precision.

2009 Annual Report [PDF]

ISA publishes its first-ever annual report that documents its performance as a civil society and not-for-profit association focused on raising the standards of public governance practice in the Philippines and in East Asia.