AFP governance lecture series now on its 2nd run

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Manila, Philippines—On Tuesday, July 12, the Armed Forces of the Philippines  held its second institution-wide governance forum for military officers and civilians from all ranks and offices to explore the theme, “Upholding Good Governance: The Role of Leaders in Developing a Globally Competitive Nation”. The event took place at the Dimalupig Hall in Camp Aguinaldo.

Speakers included Acting Deputy Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Allan Allan Rosal and AFP Inspector General Oscar Lactao. AFP Chief of Staff General Ricardo Visaya was also present.

Photo: AFP Transformation Roadmap

ISA Chairman Francisco Duque III sharing leadership competencies with forum participants. Photo: AFP Transformation Roadmap

Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) Chairman Francisco Duque III served as the forum’s featured guest lecturer. He spoke about key leadership competencies that had been identified by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), where he was previously chairman. “Leaders with the right competencies are like highly skilled conductors of an orchestra who can command the whole group,” Duque said. “Develop the performance of each instrumentalist, correct anything that is off-tune, commit to practice every principle that is taught, and make the whole ensemble work in harmony to create a great masterpiece.”


Duque with the panel of reactors. Photo: AFP Transformation Roadmap

A military and civilian panel gave their reactions to the lecture. “A leader in a globally competitive nation is one with a big vision, pursues excellence and most importantly, strives for innovation,” Steffi Villa, a researcher from the Philippine Navy, said at the event. “But aside from personal success, a leader is also one that aims for significance – he or she helps others to succeed and develop the next generation of leaders. It’s very important to empower and invest in people regardless of rank, age or gender.”

The forum culminated in a “Lunch and Learn” concept showing British Prime Minister David Cameron’s TED Talk on ways to use government to make a difference. This aimed to motivate, encourage discussion, and instill new knowledge in personnel.


Duque with the AFPTRIP Compliance awardees. Photo: AFP Transformation Roadmap

The July 12 event marked the second run of the AFP’s governance forum, intended as both a best practice sharing platform and a way to recognize and inspire governance successes within the institution. Another highlight of this year’s forum was the conferral of the AFP’s Office of the Internal Auditor (OTIA) and Reserve Command (AFPRESCOM) as “compliant” or having completed the second level of the AFP’s very own Transformation Roadmap Institutionalization Pathway (AFPTRIP) modeled after ISA’s four-level governance reform pathway.

In its inaugural run in 2014, the AFP used the forum to bring together national government agencies and local government units to showcase governance gains in various levels of the public sector. The event, which is spearheaded by the AFP’s Office for Strategy Studies and Strategy Management (OSSSM) is envisioned to be held quarterly.

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