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Help us build our Dream Philippines

Our goal is to strengthen public institutions and hold them accountable in elevating their standards of service to the Filipino people.  

When you support our governance advocacy, you are building a more strategic, value-centric, and collaborative Philippines.

You are just a click away from building a country where every public institution delivers, and every citizen prospers.

Who we are

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Governance Partners
We partner with Philippine national government agencies, local government units, and hospitals to provide better service to the Filipino people.
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Training and Capacity Building
We provide a wide array of training modules for public servants to strengthen the implementation of PGS in their institutions.
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We publish journals and books on Philippine governance based on case studies and extensive research with our partners.
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We are transparent

Read through our reports from the year 2009 up until the present.

Other ways to help

Building Our Dream Philippines


Show your support through a Php 1,000 contribution, and get our Chairman Emeritus Jess Estanislao's latest work, 'Building Our Dream Philippines.' The book invites individuals to start on a governance pathway by fighting to become - in word and deed - responsible citizens of our country.


Share the many success stories of transformation and development of our government partners. Follow us on our social media accounts linked below this page.


Join the Public Governance Forum (PGF) where government institutions present their transformation journey to the public. Engage in dialogue and collaboration in looking for way to move forward towards real national development.

For more information, you may contact Jyska Kuan Ken
( |  (+632)-886-3652 loc. 106)