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EAMC advances in the PGS pathway with a Gold Trailblazer Award

Despite a challenging start to its governance journey amid the pandemic, the East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) garnered the Gold Trailblazer Award for its outstanding completion of the second stage of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia’s (ISA) flagship program, the Performance Governance System (PGS).

The tertiary hospital was conferred the PGS Compliant Status last October 11, during an online public revalida, a platform where partner institutions can exhibit their milestones and progress in the PGS pathway.

Granted the PGS Initiated Status last November 2020 for its strategy formulation and implementation efforts, EAMC positions itself as a 1000-bed apex hospital with national specialty centers in Ophthalmology, Burn Care, and Toxicology, with a nationwide network of regional specialty centers by 2024.

EAMC Medical Center Chief Alfonso G. Nuñez III, MD, FPCS, MM(HoA), proudly presented the hospital’s roadmap and its vision to become a 1200-bed, internationally renowned apex hospital with DOH-recognized national, advanced, and comprehensive and basic comprehensive specialty centers with a network of regional specialty centers across the country by 2030.

Dr. Nuñez and his team zeroed in on their breakthroughs and initiatives in various departments, including Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and Oncology, as well as human resources and clinical registries. 

Included in the advanced comprehensive centers to be established is the center for Cancer Care, where a five-story infrastructure will house all cancer-related treatments and apparatus, including a Brachytherapy machine.

“The cancer building is on a mission to contain activities for all cancer, for all departments. It is intended to centralize all cancer and Oncology in that area, be it pediatric or adult,” Dr. Nuñez explained.

The multi-sector panel, chaired by panelist and ISA Trustee Ms. Mary Jane Ortega, commended the hospital for its outstanding performance despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Dr. Vicente Victor D. Ocampo Jr. praised the EAMC’s Ophthalmology department, noting that the EAMC is one of the top training schools for Ophthalmology.

Following their conferment, the EAMC intends to resume the harmonization of the PGS with its other management systems as they work to advance along the PGS pathway and become an acknowledged apex hospital on a global scale.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Nuñez expressed his sincerest gratitude towards ISA, the panelists, and all those who contributed to EAMC’s attainment of this milestone, especially their patients.

 “Our patients are our attention, inspiration, focus, and our passion. That is why we commit to quality excellence. But the bottom line [is], EAMC wants the Filipino patient to feel respected, feel empowered, and feel valued,” he said.

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