Our goal at ISA is to strengthen public institutions and hold them accountable to elevate their standards of service to the Filipino people.

When you support our governance advocacy, you help build a more strategic, value-centric, and collaborative Philippines. Together we can build a country where every public institution delivers, and every citizen prospers.

What are other ways of supporting our advocacy?



Show your support through a 1,000 Php contribution and get our Chairman Emeritus Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao’s latest work, ‘Building Our Dream Philippines’. The book invites individuals to start on a governance pathway by fighting to become responsible citizens of our country.



Share the many successful transformation stories of our public sector partners. Follow many success stories of transformation and development of our government partners. Follow us on our social media accounts.



Join the Public Governance Forum (PGF) where government institutions showcase their transformation journey to the public. Engage in dialogue and collaboration in looking for way to move forward towards real national development.

For more information:

Dana Juridico
[email protected]
+ 632 886-3652 loc 106

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