Mariveles, once a small fishing town, is known as the industrial center of Bataan because it houses the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB). However, the municipal government believes that Mariveles has the potential to be a tourist destination that can complement its vast hectares of factories. Hence, the municipality aims to be the number one industrial tourism destination in the Philippines by 2020.

Its vision capitalizes on FAB’s capability to bring people to Mariveles, which the municipal government plans to maximize by developing tourist sites as part of the industrial-tourism packages. These tour packages involve going inside factories to see how products are manufactured and assembled, as well as enjoying the beaches and coves of Mariveles. Through this strategy, the city government promises to provide a unique experience for visitors in the hope that Mariveles can also be recognized for its tourism efforts.

Ultimately, the impact of its vision is to generate inclusive and sustainable socio-economic growth that will lead to the improvement of their people’s quality of life. By adopting ISA’s Performance Governance System (PGS), Mariveles Mayor Ace Jello Concepcion is optimistic of the change it has already inspired in the municipality. “Not only has the PGS helped us make goals that measure our performance, it has also given each member of the LGU sense of belonging and the knowledge that they can contribute to better days.”