This series, written in Barcelona and Manila from 2018-2021, is a powerful look at Philippine history through the lens of modern governance. It aims to encourage a new generation of Filipinos to apply key learnings from each major colonial and transitional period and use these for the development of the Philippines and all Filipinos.

The first volume, Governance in the Philippines: Spanish Colonial Rule, 1565–1898, uncovers the roots of Philippine governance, politics, and economics and presents the perspectives of both the country’s Spanish conquerors and Filipino revolutionary leaders.

The second volume, Governance of the Philippines: the US Colonial Period, 1898–1946, examines the foundations of our modern democratic system and presents the parallels between the US colonial period and the present time.

The third and final volume, Governance of the Philippines: As a Republic, 1946–2021, takes us through two major reclamations of Philippine political freedom: our Declaration of Independence from the US in 1946; and the People Power Revolution in 1986—and inquires into whether we have already been able to achieve economic freedom.

In this series, the author, Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao, refracts each major colonial and transitional period of Philippine history into a transformation roadmap for each stage of our journey toward development. Each volume is a springboard to action for individuals and institutions working to achieve a shared vision: our Dream Philippines.

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