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The Performance Governance System

We believe in a positive and strategic approach to transforming the public sector for good – a program that can complement the huge anti-corruption campaign now sweeping through the highest levels of government and business.

This is the idea behind governance reform, which builds up rather than tears down, restores rather than removes, and empowers rather than overthrows. Our tool? The Performance Governance System (PGS), a holistic and collaborative framework for designing and executing roadmaps to long-term reform.

PGS culls global best practices in managing strategy to meet the rising needs of Philippine public sector institutions. It builds governance reform capacities across a four-stage pathway, and addresses a wide array of challenges while also yielding niched impact. At the national level this means world-class public service; at the local level, a robust economy.

PGS is now used by over 50 national government agencies and local government units in the Philippines, of which 14 have been independently verified by global experts as Islands of Good Governance (IGG), and 5 have been awarded membership in the exclusive Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Stategy.

It has helped transform entire sectors and departments of Philippine government including the Civil Service Commission, National Electrification Administration, Department of Trade and Industry, Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, City of Iloilo, City of San Fernando Pampanga, and City of San Fernando La Union, among others.

These national agencies and local governments continue to raise the bar on what the modern public sector institution can achieve together with its stakeholders. Each one is a true partner in governance reform, playing a significant role in building our Dream Philippines.