The Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) is currently working towards its vision of becoming the globally recognized Philippine institution in pediatric and perinatal healthcare in research, training, and service.

PCMC is a government owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) and specialty hospital under the Department of Health (DOH). Since opening its doors to patients on 23 June 1980, PCMC has expanded its absorptive capacity, facilities, and services. It is currently operating as a tertiary hospital with a 200-bed capacity.

Led by its Executive Director, Dr. Julius Lecciones, the hospital recognizes the need for the organization to adopt a “go beyond better” attitude. Over the years, PCMC has found success in extending healthcare services to its patients, but it has also realized the need to introduce significant reforms in how it conducts training, research, and community advocacy. These reforms include ways for PCMC to, on a national scale, impact health outcomes and enact preventive programs for children’s critical diseases. “Our desire is to create excellence in governance in the public sector. PCMC wants to contribute to these thousand points of light so we can coalesce and shine brighter together,” Lecciones said at the forum. “This is the way to go moving forward as one community, one country.”

There are two main thrusts to PCMC’s strategy. The first focuses on patient care or treatment. The hospital still intends to build on the quality of care it is currently able to provide its patients and focus on diseases children and pregnant mothers are greatly exposed to. Its second focus is on the hospital’s research function. As home to the country’s leading experts and students on children’s health, PCMC intends to utilize their talents to produce research that can be used as a basis to develop national health policies and programs for children. Given these thrusts, the hospital’s “Dream PCMC Task Force” has identified how key core and support functions will need to be reformed to achieve them.

By formally being initiated into the PGS Pathway, PCMC seeks to establish sustainable governance mechanisms across the organization to ensure successful implementation of its strategic plans. PCMC also plans to present its strategy to the hospital’s stakeholders to gain commitment and support. Lastly, the hospital has expressed its interest in learning and eventually adopting best practices from other government agencies that have their own strategies and governance programs. Through this process, PCMC’s Executive Directors wish to be formally part of the growing governance community in the Philippine bureaucracy.