Home-grown annual planning budgeting software

2015-05-18T01:55:21+08:00May 18, 2015|

The success of the Philippine Navy’s governance reform program, Sail Plan 2020, lies in the effective linkage of its finances to its strategy so it can become a “Strong and Credible Philippine Navy that the maritime nation can be proud of”.

Under the guidance of the Performance Governance System (PGS), the Navy developed a comprehensive resource management program that now includes a self-developed Annual Planning Budgeting Software. Through this system, the Navy is able to focus its resources on the modernization of facilities, equipment, and support systems; and the development of the organization and its personnel.

It is now also possible for the Navy to evaluate government appropriated funds to mission critical initiatives because the Annual Planning Budget Software allows for transparent tracking of budget programming, and reviews of projects, plans, and programs.

Evidence of improvement in budget allocation and management include the arrival or building of new frigates, helicopters, and littoral observatory stations. The Navy has also been able to strengthen the capabilities of its personnel to address the security concerns of the 21st century.

To learn more about the Philippine Navy’s strategic goals and governance reform initiatives, visit www.navy.mil.ph or follow them on Facebook.

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