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East Avenue Medical Center Bags Silver Trailblazer Award for Specialty Center Breakthroughs

Pursuing universal healthcare remains a top priority in the Philippines, driving the need to raise the nation’s healthcare standards. The East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) took a significant step forward toward this cause during its public revalida on March 25 with the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), proudly emerging as the first presenting public institution in 2024.

EAMC bagged the Silver Trailblazer Award and was conferred the Proficient Status under ISA’s good governance framework, Performance Governance System (PGS). The public revalida is a democratic exercise that validates the public institutions’ completion of the four stages of the PGS. Enrolled institutions include the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Department of Health (DOH), among others.

With an ambitious vision to offer the highest levels of multi-specialty services, EAMC is positioning itself as a 1000-bed (authorized) Apex Hospital. It will house national specialty centers in Ophthalmology, Burn Care, and Toxicology, as well as a network of regional specialty centers nationwide by 2024.

Leading this transformative effort is EAMC’s Medical Center Chief, Dr. Alfonso Nuñez III FPCS, MM(HoA). During the revalida, he outlined the challenges faced and initiatives implemented to turn the institution’s strategic goals into reality. As the Philippine healthcare landscape evolves, EAMC’s focused approach aims to pave the way for a healthier future for all Filipinos.

EAMC set foot on the first stage of the PGS in 2020. Shortly after its Initiation, the medical center has consistently committed and performed toward accomplishing its strategy map and was conferred the PGS Compliant Status, receiving the Gold Trailblazer Award. Since EAMC began its PGS Journey, it has seen substantial growth with its recognition from the 2023 Department of Health Star Awards and the enactment of Republic Act 11561, which increased its bed capacity from 600 to 1,000 in 2021.

“The past four years saw an exponential growth and development of EAMC across all divisions, across all aspects of the medical center, and as a result, becoming recognized, both locally and internationally as a leader in clinical excellence, in organizational development excellence, and in governance excellence, and all of this because of [the] PGS,” Dr. Nuñez said.

One of their significant breakthroughs is the international recognition of one of its Specialty centers. In 2022, the EAMC-Toxicology Referral and Training Center became the focal office of the World Health Organization (WHO) International Health Regulations for Chemical Events in the Philippines. Highlighting its global prominence, the medical center was also included in the WHO World Directory of Poisons Center and is formally designated as the National Specialty Center for Toxicology.

In his presentation, Dr. Nuñez also zeroed in on the close collaboration between units, personnel, and the management committee in monitoring and incentivizing performance excellence within their organization.

“Through these continuous efforts in re-cascading performance commitments, and providing recognition and incentives, the organization ensures that individuals are motivated and aligned with the strategic direction, ultimately driving excellence in patient care and organizational outcomes,” the medical center chief said.

These remarkable achievements did not go unnoticed by the panel, chaired by the Bataan General Hospital and Medical Center Medical Center Chief II and ISA Trustee, Dr. Glory Baltazar. Co-panelists, DOH Usec. Nestor Santiago Jr. and Former President of the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology, Dr. Margarita Lat-Luna, expressed their congratulations to the medical center for achieving 90% functionality in four of their specialty centers, including Eye care and Dermatology. 

Following their conferral of the Proficient status, Dr. Nuñez received the coveted Silver Trailblazer Award and emphasized EAMC’s dedication to contributing to the success of the universal healthcare law and remaining responsive to the evolving healthcare needs of the Filipino people.

“I have always maintained that the Filipino patients are East Avenue Medical Center’s inspiration, focus, attention, and passion,” Dr. Nuñez said in his acceptance speech. “It has been this way for EAMC [for] the past 55 years and will always be as EAMC moves towards greater heights, being more, doing more, and contributing to the success of the universal healthcare law by being relevant, receptive, and responsive to the healthcare needs of the Filipino people.”

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