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Sailing towards a crystal-clear future: MARINA shares long-term plans in virtual MSGC meeting

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) laid out its long-term plans for the development of the Philippine maritime industry during the Multi-Sector Governance Council (MSGC) Reorganizational Meeting last March 22 via Zoom. 

MARINA Administrator VADM Robert A. Empredad AFP (Ret) announced and talked through the MARINA Strategic Voyage Plan 2028 and the 10-year Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP), which aim to enrich numerous sectors of the Philippine maritime industry through the promotion, development, and supervision of its selected MSGC members.

The Strategic Voyage Plan of 2028 is rooted in its three core values of professionalism, integrity, and excellence which exemplify its mission of ensuring the safety, security, and protection of the marine environment, as well as increasing the global competitiveness of Filipino maritime professionals. It has adopted multiple strategic shifts to have a more significant impact on investment opportunities, job availability, increased revenue regeneration, and client satisfaction in the maritime industry by 2025.

The MARINA MSGC is currently comprised of professionals with specific maritime expertise to help MARINA iron out its strategic actions toward its goals concerning its 10-year MIDP and Strategic Voyage Plan. Key members include Architect Felino A. Palafox Jr. of the Palafox Associates; Mr. Gerardo A. Borromeo of the Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.; Ms. Cristina H. Garcia of the Association of Licensed Manning Agencies Maritime Group (ALMA); Mr. Alonso Tan of the Alliance of Fishing Federations of the Philippines; and Atty. Iris Baguilat of the Institute for Maritime and Ocean Affairs. 

“Ang purpose ng MSGC dito is to provide us with advice. We will be giving you the MIDP and the Voyage Plan and then you will look into our projects and programs. If you think there are some things that need to be ironed out, or to improve on how we can execute our programs, then iyon ang kailangan namin sa inyo,” Mr. Empredad expounded before the council when asked about the role of the MSGC.

To help public institutions pursue their reform agenda, the MSGC, commonly comprising 8 to 12 key external stakeholders, provides strategic counsel and ideally becomes the external champions of the strategy. Moreover, the formation of the MSGC also ensures the continuity of the long-term projects despite changes in the internal positions in MARINA. Through this external coordination, the MIDP and Strategic Voyage Plan will be anchored toward a better Philippine maritime industry. 

Other notable guests come from the academe, finance sector, and economic authorities, including Prof. Jacqueline Espenilla of the UP Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea; Mr. Alberto G. Romullo of the Development Bank of the Philippines; Mr. Charito Plaza of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority; and Mr. Mark Lapid of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprises Zone Authority.

To formally end its first organizational meeting for the year, Mr. Empredad thanked the invited MSGC members who attended and the MARINA officials who took part in the formation of the MSGC meeting. “I’m looking forward not only to execute the plans and programs of MIDP and the Voyage Plan but also on the development of the maritime industry for the progress of our nation, [and] I look forward to engaging and cooperating with everyone for the future of our country,” Mr. Empredad said in his closing speech.

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