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CGHRMC marks founding anniversary with PGS Initiated Status and Silver Trailblazer Award

Just a month shy of its 6th founding anniversary, the Coast Guard Human Resource Management Command (CGHRMC) celebrated yet another milestone as it passed the first stage of the Performance Governance System (PGS) last August 10. The organization attained the PGS Initiated Status during their online revalida and was honored with the prestigious Silver Trailblazer Award. 

Led by CGHRMC Commander CG COMMO ROMMEL A SUPANGAN, CGHRMC was established in accordance with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) General Order Number 335 on August 18, 2017. With a workforce of approximately 690 personnel, the CGHRMC plays a pivotal role as a dedicated administrative support unit and is entrusted with overseeing and managing all human resource-related affairs within the organization.

Embarking on its PGS journey in March 2023, the CGHRMC has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to driving organizational excellence. CGHRMC positions itself to be a reliable Command responsive to the PCG’s HR management needs by 2028. It also aims to become an internationally certified strategic HR Management Command supporting the PCG’s mission. Although the PCG has yet to implement the PGS organization-wide, the CGHRMC’s proactive stance ensures that its strategic position remains steadfast and in alignment with the PCG’s future positioning.  

In his presentation, CG COMMO SUPANGAN outlined the four core functions of CGHRMC, namely HR Procurement, Career Management, Personnel Management, and Retirement and Benefits Administration. Currently, HR Procurement operates with a partially automated system, leading to limited accessibility and time-consuming manual processes. CGHRMC aims to transition to a strategic recruitment and selection process that complies with international standards, which would entail pursuing ISO certification to enhance quality management systems.

Despite being in the initial stage of the PGS pathway, CGHRMC has already achieved significant milestones, demonstrating its commitment to progress and innovation. This year, they introduced a groundbreaking automated application process by conducting the pilot run of the Recruitment Database for 2023 applicants. This online system served more than 21,000 applicants, comprising over 16,000 enlistment applicants and more than 5,000 commissionship applicants nationwide. 

In pursuit of environmental sustainability, CGHRMC also implemented a paperless technology to reduce paper transactions and minimize documentation volume through its Paperless System. This initiative not only enhances internal document accessibility but also accelerates communication flow and allows for efficient monitoring of revisions and comments on documents. 

To ensure continuous monitoring of its PGS progress, CGHRMC established the PGS Monitoring System, which allows the workforce to comprehensively update measurable deliverables from coordinating staff, sub-units, and HRMUs. As part of its transparency efforts, CG COMMO SUPANGAN shared that its goal is to project the dashboard on monitors distributed across CGHRMC staff offices and the Command’s lobby. This real-time presentation of PGS progress not only informs CGHRMC personnel but also promotes transparency and good governance to clients visiting the CGHRMC premises.

Mr. Edwin Cordova, an ISA Associate and revalida panelist, commended CGHRMC’s efforts, stating that this initiative shall serve as an inspiration for other commands and Coast Guard units.

“They have to improve and set a standard for the Coast Guard and other organizations as well. I think this is a good start to be the inspiration naman for other command, other Coast Guard units to follow suit, especially ‘yung headquarters,” he said.

In his acceptance speech, CG COMMO SUPANGAN articulated the organization’s forward-looking approach and highlighted the dual objectives of achieving good governance and effectively managing the human resources of the PCG.

“We eagerly anticipate the journey towards good governance, aligning with our strategic goal of proficiently managing the human resource of the Philippine Coast Guard,” he said. “This endeavor aims to culminate in an impactful and highly efficient Coast Guard team dedicated to serving our Filipino citizens.”

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