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Decade of Dedication: CLMMRH bags Silver Trailblazer in Compliance Revalida

In our country’s journey towards universal healthcare, time is a mere element—the true essence of progress lies in an institution’s dedication to growth and transformation. As long as an organization is committed to change and top-notch service, pursuing healthcare for all Filipinos remains a thriving force, surpassing the years that pass.

This dedication is exemplified by institutions like the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH), which recently underwent a public online revalida last August 7, in its pursuit of the Performance Governance System (PGS) Compliance Stage. The hospital has achieved international recognition in less than a decade and surpassed national standards—a result of nearly a century of dedicated service to the community. As they strive for Compliant Status, CLMMRH continues to channel their efforts, strategies, and achievements along the PGS pathway, showcasing their unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare for all.

CLMMRH Medical Center Chief Dr. Julius Drilon presented the hospital’s transformation journey to an esteemed panel, earning the hospital the prestigious Silver Trailblazer Award. As a tertiary, teaching-training institution, the hospital aspires to become a people-centered, teaching-training, digitalized, 1,000-bed capacity, apex hospital, and research facility with Basic Comprehensive Care Specialty Centers for Renal Care and Transplant, Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine, Cardiovascular Care, Orthopedic Care, Cancer Care, Neonatal Care, Toxicology, Brain and Spine Care, Trauma Care, Burn Care, and Geriatric Care, that will respond to the needs of the Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, and neighboring provinces.

In his presentation, Dr. Drilon shared that mechanisms and strategies have been implemented to create sustainable change, which can be carried over to his successor. He assured that the measures implemented aren’t just aimed at achieving immediate change but designed to create an enduring transformation that can be seamlessly transitioned to the next steward of CLMMRH.

“We have strengthened out through the years, and I know that even though I’m away, the program will push through. Kahit sino pa yung ilagay dito, hindi sila mahihirapan lalo na sa pagbangon ng Corazon Locsin. It was already tested when the world has stopped since 2021 […] My heart will be at peace as to what we are trying and accomplishing for today will continue to the future and will be in line to the plans we have presented,” he shared.

During the panel evaluation, Atty. Charade B. Mercado-Grande from the Department of Health commended the hospital for its presentation and mentioned that she witnessed how the hospital served and provided aid to the entire province of Negros Occidental during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This great achievement could not have been realized if it weren’t for the efforts of the hospital staff, which are incentivized by the hospital management. Apart from tangible incentives such as awards, Dr. Drilon shared that fostering a shift in culture and mindset incentivizes each individual’s work for the hospital’s patients.

“We have changed the type of management that we employ. We listen to one another [and] I believe that the whole organization itself in terms of improvements and communicative skills and processes, I think we have gotten across on what is our purpose here. And I think they realized that it is not what they can reap personally, but what they reap together with the organization,” Dr. Drilon said.

In addition, operationalizing the delivery of “people-centered” care was recognized as a complex and painstaking process that would unfold over several years. This would entail a cultural transformation that could be cascaded down to the employees and permeate through the entire organization. Dr. Jorge Edward Masa from CLMMRH shared that they are capacitating and empowering their personnel regardless of their tenure or specialty. He underscored the integral role of healthcare workers’ well-being in the broader context of providing truly “people-centered” healthcare.

“As you can see, I’m a young anesthesiologist. You don’t see this kind of scenario in most hospitals. Anesthesiologists are like second-class descents and young people in the medical society, we have to wait for our turn for us to take up space. But the culture that we have here in Corazon Locsin is different. Dr. Drilon, what he wants to enable is for us of different generations, of different sex and gender, different abilities to take up space and contribute to the organization,” he shared.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Drilon thanked the panel and the Institute for Solidarity in Asia and shared that the past ten years have been the most significant to the organization since its 96 years of service.

“Now, because of a better direction and a better harmonization of our international standardization processes through the PGS pathway, I believe that this organization can go further than what was expected and what was declared. So, maraming maraming salamat ISA.

We could not have done this if not for your guidance and competent panelists asking pertinent questions to guide us to be [the] better organization that we dream of,” he said. “[On] behalf of 1,792 members of this organization, we deeply appreciate the time you spent with us.”

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