Following the recent passage of the Coconut Farmers and Industry Trust Fund Law, the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) celebrated yet another milestone as they bagged the Silver Trailblazer Award during the Institute for Solidarity in Asia’s (ISA) Public Governance System (PGS) Public Revalida in its bid for initiation.

During their virtual public revalida conducted last April 23, 2021, PCA Administrator, Mr. Benjamin Madrigal, Jr. presented the transformation journey of the institution and their vision to empower local coconut farmers and champion a market-driven coconut industry. 

The PCA launched its 18-year PCA Transformation Roadmap (PTR) in 2020 following the appointment of Mr. Madrigal, former Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief. In his presentation, Mr. Madrigal underscored the poor state of the sleeping billion-dollar industry for decades due to the limited capacity of farmers, inadequate capacity to produce value-adding products, and insufficient market promotions and regulations.

To address these, PCA targeted to maximize the potential of its existing supply-value chain, expand the market by exploring product diversification, and capacitate more farmers in the industry. Mr. Madrigal then showcased their wins since embarking on their journey, including the institutionalization of regional and provincial stakeholders’ forum, the implementation of the Integrated Program Management system, and the creation of a technical working group that would jumpstart their major deliverables.

The multi-sector panel, led by panel chair and ISA Trustee Dr. Nick Fontanilla, challenged the institution’s strategic map in terms of manpower sufficiency, risk management system, and ensuring an organized supply chain. Meanwhile, Dr. Ramon Yedra of the Department of Agriculture and Alabat, Quezon Province Mayor Fernando Mesa recognized the institution for its impressive strategic map and growth as a professionalized organization.

Following this win, the PCA will begin preparing for the subsequent revalida for the PGS Compliance stage this December. In his acceptance speech, the PCA administrator thanked ISA and the panelists for the significant milestone.

“Now more than ever, PCA’s transformation is indispensable. The conferment of this award is not just a success of PCA and can further benefit the coconut industry and the millions of coconut farmers and their families,” he said.