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Aiming high, achieving more: GCGMH’s impressive first step on the PGS pathway

The Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital (GCGMH) took its first step on the pathway to good governance during a public revalida last July 21. The apex hospital’s successful breakthroughs earned them the Initiated Status, marking their passage through the first stage of the Performance Governance System (PGS).

GCGMH Medical Center Chief Dr. Mutya Macuno opened her presentation with the hospital’s primary objective: To be Bohol’s 525-bed apex medical center with multi-specialty units in cancer, cardiology and vascular medicine, tropical medicine and infectious disease, geriatrics, and trauma and emergency medicine supported by a robust digital health system by 2025.

“Our vision is to become a multi-specialty medical center leading in holistic care and patient safety in Central Visayas by 2030. Our mission is to deliver quality, safe, and comprehensive service to all,” said Dr. Macuno. “All of this is wrapped in our core values of kindness, relevance, and inclusiveness.”

These lofty ambitions were matched with realistic strategies and concrete deliverables. Dr. Macuno outlined GCGMH’s long-term roadmap with ten specific steps: patient care, training, research, linkage, human capital, people and safety experience, infrastructure and equipment, information capital, finance, and resource management. 

“Among the ten identified roadmaps, we choose to focus on patient care, linkage, and people safety and experience,” said Dr. Macuno. She then delineated their year-specific objectives for each of the three areas, such as a cardiac critical care unit by 2022, a Patient and Family Wellness Unit by 2023, and the full adoption of the JCI International Safety Goals by 2025, among others.  

The hospital has already begun translating goals into breakthrough results. Out of the 190 deliverables they’ve set, 79 (42%) have been accomplished, 56 (29%) are ongoing, and 55 (29%) have yet to be started, as of June 2021. 

Furthermore, two integral administrative bodies have been created: The Office of Strategy Management (OSM), tasked with overseeing all strategy-related activities from formulation to execution, and the Multi-Sectoral Governance Council (MSGC), an advisory body that will facilitate the implementation of the strategies and contribute directly to the attainment of the desired transformation.

Congressman Edward Chatto, the newly-elected Chairman of the MSGC, affirmed their dedication as the hospital’s external champions. 

“Our commitment is there, more than 100%, to ensure strengthening of Bohol’s healthcare system,” he said.

Moreover, Dr. Macuno announced that two additional GCGMH facilities are already under construction: The Cortes Campus, their ​​multi-specialty medical center, and the Tagbilaran Campus, the complex for ambulatory care designed to support the clinical care at the Cortes Campus. These infrastructure developments were green-lighted by House Bill 9472, sponsored by Rep. Chatto with GCGMH’s input.

“The fates have been kind,” said Dr. Macuno, “NEDA approved IRR allocation for a multi-year budget in the amount of 2.2 billion…The most beautiful breakthrough result that happened was the approval of the Health Enactment Facility Program that provided another 920 million to complete the infrastructure development of the Phase 2 of the Cortes Campus. Within this is also the budget of 574 million for equipment, which is very necessary to be able to deliver the healthcare services we have committed.”

GCGMH’s transformative journey was praised by the multi-sectoral panel, led by Ms. Mary Jane Ortega (Trustee of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia) and composed of Asec. Kenneth Ronquillo (Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health), Dr. Fe Esperanza Espino (Parasitology Department Head at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine). Dr. Ma. Belen Carisma (Former President of the Philippine Heart Association), and Dr. Gloria Cristal-Luna Section (President of the Molecular Oncology Society of the Philippines).

Ms. Ortega congratulated the hospital for their exceptional enthusiasm, passion, and ambition. While she challenged the hospital’s capacity to meet its towering goals, she also expressed her appreciation for GCGMH’s efforts in delivering much-needed improvements to Bohol’s healthcare system. 

“That was amazing,” commented Dr. Cristal-Luna, “We have seen the evolution of leadership models from a village approach to an effective buildup and nurturing of innovation portfolio.”

Dr. Espino suggested that the hospital narrow down its targets by focusing on the top two “make or break” deliverables. Dr. Carisma and Ms. Ortega seconded this, bringing up the constraints brought by the ongoing pandemic, limited staffing, and the cost of attaining and maintaining equipment.

The GCGMH has no intention of resting on their laurels and are raring to begin the next stage of the PGS pathway. “Being initiated is in itself a Gold. So I offer this to my team. Good job! We want to go straight to the next stage of compliance,” said Dr. Macuno during her acceptance speech. “Gold, Silver, or Bronze — what matters most is we are there for the patients, for the people, for the Lord. Let’s keep it on, thank you!”    

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