20 OCTOBER 2015

To you, our distinguished guests from the public and private sector who have come here to learn about and support governance; our panelists and our friends in the media representing key interests in Philippine society; and of course, our partner government institutions at the local and national level that have made it through the initial stages of the governance pathway — good afternoon.

We’re happy to have you with us to celebrate the achievements of six Philippine public sector institutions that have made significant progress in laying the foundations for governance in their respective organizations—the Intellectual Property Office (IPO); Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines (ANSAP); National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM); Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO); City Government of Bislig; and Municipal Government of Dinalupihan.

Their successes are an incredible representation of the ideas and actions they have invested in their governance journeys, and it is our privilege to recognize these efforts today.

At the same time, their roadmaps and scorecards are now the property of a public that has been expecting improvements in transparency, accountability, and public service. The same achievements we celebrate today therefore carry an important reminder: to see results, we must make governance a shared responsibility. Transformation cannot be achieved by one person or one institution alone. It needs the hearts and minds of many, including ordinary citizens, working in solidarity to bring about the positive changes many have been waiting for.

This forum marks as well the launch of the Philippines’ first Islands of Good Governance, in recognition of the dedicated undertaking of reforms in 12 national government agencies, government- owned and controlled corporations, and local government units whose governance initiatives have made lasting impact on communities and individuals across the nation. These 12 institutions will be presented to the public beginning this afternoon, and formally awarded tomorrow evening.

As you, the public sector institutions we recognize today, move forward on the rigorous path of transformative and sustainable governance, we wish to assure you of our continued partnership and guidance. We see the same great things in your future as potential Islands of Good Governance (IGG); and we in the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), together with our friends in the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) and the National Competitive Council (NCC), are your proud companions and champions on this journey.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks to our guests and partners not only in this event but also in this advocacy. Your support speaks volumes of the great things we can achieve when we bring the public and private sector together in support of a worthy cause. We hope to have you with us until the end of the public governance forum tomorrow.

Once again, our warm congratulations to all. Thank you and good afternoon.